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KUYI Wish List

Did you ever want to do something GOOD for the fun of it?

A great way to support KUYI-Hopi Radio is by donating physical items to help address actual needs of the station!


Enhance our operations by helping KUYI to obtain items on our Wish List. There are a number of things you can donate such as equipment, software, and furniture that would help us run smoother. This is a unique opportunity for supporters and listeners to contribute through an in-kind donation.


If you are interested in donating an item on our list, or something else you think we can use, please contact Samatha Honani, General Manager, at 928-738-5505 or samantha.honani[at], or fill out the form below.

Tower Maintenance & Live Remote Vehicle:

  • Battery/solar power

Office Administration Equipment

  • Photocopier/Scanner

  • Multi-line Telephone System

  • Small couch, waiting room chairs

Control Room & Production Studio Equipment:

  • Delay Equipment

  • Cough Button

  • Sennheiser & MicroTech Geffel Microphones

  • Microphone Pre-Amps

  • Microphone Pop Screens

  • "On-Air" Light

  • "Recording" Light

  • Turntable Needles

  • Best Buy gift cards

  • Zoom Portable Digital Recorders

  • Mic Cables

  • 5 Sony MDR Headphones

  • Microphone Shock Mounts

  • Two-pair Studio Monitors

  • Apple Laptop

  • Apple Workstation

  • Traffic Software

  • Adobe Audition Software

  • SD Cards

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