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KUYI Community Advisory Board

The Hopi Foundation Board of Trustees established the Community Advisory Board (CAB) to help KUYI with fundraising, community outreach, and program & policy development. Members of the Community Advisory Board are appointed to reflect the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by the station. They include representatives from elders, youth, education, health, emergency/safety, business, non-Tribal, Tribal, and Hopi communities.

CAB members serve on a volunteer basis. If you are interested in keeping KUYI alive and growing by serving as a CAB member, please fill out our volunteer form or call 928-738-5505.


To learn more about our CAB policy and meetings, click here.

Darlene Nuvamsa

Darlene Nuvamsa is from the village of Soongopavi and belongs to the Water clan. 

Manuelita Coochwikvaya.jpg

Manuelita Coochwikvaya

Manuelita Coochwikvaya is from the village of Mishongnovi and is from the Corn clan.

Bonnie reading announcement_edited.jpg

Bonnie Secakuku

Bonnie is from the village of Sipaulovi and is from the Butterfly clan. 

Randall Mahle.jpg

Randall Mahle

Randall Mahle is from the village of Tewa and belongs to the Sand clan.Wetta is a current volunteer and hosts the Tatawi program in the mornings. 

George Mase.jpg

George Mase

George Mase is from the village of Sipaulovi and is Sun Forehead clan.

Ann Doyle.jpg

Ann Doyle

Ann Doyle is from Flagstaff and works ar the Northern Arizona University with the Road Scholars Program

Merwin Kooyahoema, MKI_edited.jpg

Merwin Kooyahoema

Merwin Kooyahoema is from the village of Mishongnovi and is Corn clan. MKI currently volunteers for KUYI and hosts the Rez Rasta Riddum nights every Thursday. 

Francis Duggan.jpg

Frances Duggan

Frances Duggan is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and is self-employed. She currently resides in Hopi. Frances is a current volunteer and helps with Administration work and events that are hosted by KUYI. 

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