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Emergency Resources
& Contact List

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KUYI recognizes that much of our community relies on Hopi Radio for valuable emergency and health-related information, and not just over the air but also by contacting us directly or through our website.


Below is a list of health and emergency resources and contact info. Please note that this information is only being shared by KUYI and that anyone seeking more information or having an emergency should contact the appropriate entity.

Covid-19 & Other Regional Resources:

The federal government makes the availability of COVID-19 tests through the website This program allows each household to request up to four(4) at-home COVID-19 tests.

For details: 737-6187


Hopi Health Care Center has COVID-19 Vaccinations available for ages 6 months & older including Booster Vaccines for 5 years & older. Adults age 50 and older and certain immunocompromised people can now get a second COVID-19 vaccine booster, Mon and Wed 1:00 pm- 3:30 pm

To schedule an appointment: 737-6148 or 6081


Hopi Health Care Center offers drive-up COVID-19 testing from 8:30 am-9:00 am, Mondays and Thursdays. Enter at the west entrance, wear a mask and stay in the vehicle at all times.

To schedule testing or info call 737-6187

For test results, call 737-6037

The Grand Canyon National Park’s clinic offers Moderna & Johnson & Johnson vaccinations every Thursday. To make an appointment, call 928-638-2551

If a Hopi Tribal member succumbs to the coronavirus at home, call: (928) 205-7295

Covid-19 Hotlines:

  • Hopi Healthcare: 737-6187

  • Tuba City Healthcare: (866) 976-5941

  • Navajo County: (928) 241-0593

  • Coconino County: (928) 679-7300

  • State of Arizona: 211

Health Resources:

If you have life-threatening symptoms: 911 or 734-7340

If you or someone you know is having thoughts of suicide or experiencing a mental health issue or substance crisis call: 988

Burial guidelines are on the Tribe’s website & for burial assistance: 928-401-7505; after-hours: 734-7340

Navajo Nation burial assistance: (928)871-4664

HERT’s incident command line: 734-3661; after-hours: (928) 229 - 9395

If you need someone to talk with:

  • Hopi Behavioral Health: 737-6300

  • Northern Arizona Crisis Response: (877) 756-4090

  • Hopi Substance Abuse Prevention Center: 734-0300

  • Hopi Domestic Violence Program: 738-1115/1116;

    • after hours (928) 362-9944 or (928) 613-7777

  • Hopi Child Protective Services: (928) 401-7505; After hours: 734-7340

  • Mental health crisis hotline: (800) 662-HELP(4357)

  • A Tribal hotline is available by texting NATIVE to 741741

  • The LGBTQ+ crisis hotline is: (866) 488 - 7386

  • The transgender hotline is: (877) 565-8860

  • Suicide & Veteran’s crisis hotline: (800) 273-8255

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