We Broadcast Live From Hopi So You Can Feel At Home!

KUYI has moved to our temporary location at Highway 264, Milepost 389.5 at the Hopi Tribal Housing Authority.

Temporary phone # is (928) 765 - 4930

 KUYI will soon be hiring!

We thank all community members, staff, volunteers & everyone who donated so far who made the first half of our move a success. Special thanks to thank The Lannan Foundation, Bobby Numkena, Kathleen S, Kykotsmovi Village Store as well as Abandoned Mine Lands, HTHA staff & Board of Commissioners; Kwah’kway! / Asquali

KUYI has free concrete from our slabs at the old location: Highy 264, milepost 396.5. First come, first serve for those who can haul it away themselves.

While we finish setting up our temporary home, we are still operating on a limited basis.

To stream KUYI click the clown below:
(this link will no longer work on Microsoft Windows Media Player - download RealPlayer free)

Purchase merchandise or donate to assist us in raising funds for this move. Check out our facebook page to stay informed of our activities & on the Community Calendar at 7am, 8am, noon & 5pm.

Stream Native Voice One programs here

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Richard Davis,
Sep 30, 2015, 4:51 PM