Wish List

Did you ever want to do something GOOD for the fun of it?

Help KUYI obtain items on our Wish List to enhance our operations such as equipment, software, and furniture that would help us run smoother. This unique opportunity is for supporters and listeners to contribute through an in-kind donation of a wish list item.

  • Tower Maintenance & Live Remote Vehicle: 4x4 Tahoe or equivalent w/ rack mounts & battery / solar power

  • Control Room & Production Studio Equipment:

    • Delay Equipment

    • Cough Button

    • Sennheiser & MicroTech Geffel Microphones

    • Microphone Pre-Amps

    • Microphone Pop Screens

    • "On-Air" Light

    • "Recording" Light

    • Turntable Needles

    • Radio Shack gift cards

    • Zoom Portable Digital Recorders

    • Mic Cables

    • 5 Sony MDR Headphones

    • Microphone Shock Mounts

    • Two-pair Studio Monitors

    • Apple Laptop

    • Apple Workstation

    • Traffic Software

    • Adobe Audition Software

    • SD Cards

  • Office Administration Equipment

    • Photocopier / Scanner

    • Multi-line Telephone System

    • Office Chairs

If you are interested in assisting, or know of someone who might, please call

Interim Station Manager, Samantha Honani at 928.738.5505 or email samantha.honani[at]hopifoundation[dot]org.