There are many ways that KUYI participates in the community and that the community can participate in KUYI!

Medevac Helicopter pilot Matt Stein and KUYI personality Jimbo Lucero

Help KUYI promote positive engagement in the community:

Underwriting & Membership

Called advertising on commercial radio, underwriting allows you to support KUYI monetarily by educating our listeners about your business or non-profits services.

KUYI Hopi Radio's competitive rates allow your message to air over our 69,000 watt broadcast and online streaming coverage with its upward of 116,000 listeners located in Navajo, Coconino & Apache counties containing the Hopi & Navajo Reservations, portions of Grand Canyon National Park & the cities of Flagstaff & Winslow.

KUYI depends on your support!

Keep KUYI on the air by becoming a KUYI Member and Adopting one of our 69,000 Watts. With your help, you can keep our tower powered. Each watt sponsorship is $10 [U.S.] and is good for one year. Multiple watt sponsorship is encouraged!

Live Remote Broadcasting

Live remotes are an easy way to raise awareness of your nonprofit or other business event. Contact KUYI to learn more about what you need to host a live remote in your area.

Community Calendar

Submit public service announcements for our community calendar. The community calendar is announced after NPR news / KNAU Arizona Public Radio headlines at 7:06am, 8:06am, 12:06pm and 5:06pm (pre-recorded at noon).

Online Streaming

KUYI launched its online streaming in June 2010. Now our community's music, stories and news are heard around the world!

Transfer Historic Recordings

Do you have LPs, cassettes, Reel to Reel, DAT or mini-disc recordings of Hopi music, stories or other Native content? For a nominal donation KUYI will transfer these to your preferred medium (CD or jump drive) and your neighbors will benefit from hearing your collection on-air.

Sorry, 8-track not available ;)

See our partnership w/ Columbia University to learn more about repatriation of historic recordings to Hopi and Zuni.

KUYI also handles the transfer of sensitive cultural material that will remain only with you and will not be retained in our library or aired.

Studio & Live Recording

KUYI also can record you or your band for non-profit use and provide you with exposure to our listeners for competitive rates.