Hopi Lavayi Shows

Welcome to KUYI’s Shooting Stars Hopi Lavayi Radio program, benefiting Hopi students of all ages in an effort to keep the Hopi language alive and thriving. The Shooting Stars Hopi Lavayi Radio Project is being piloted in the First Mesa Dialect with Polacca Head Start Center.

Hopi Lavayi Segments

#1 Nu’ tutuqayto- I am going to School

#2 Tsaatsayom tutuqaykive öki- Children Arrive at School

#3 Nu’ tutuqaykive tutuqayyi- I am learning this at school.

#4 Tuho-osti- Autumn

#5 Itam komokto- Lets go get some firewood by Robert Seechoma, Butterfly Clan from the village of Ho’atvela.

#6 Itam piw tutuqaykive öki- We have arrived at school again.

#7 Tsaatsayom piw tutqaykive öki. The children arrive at school, again.

KUYI's Shooting Stars Hopi Language Project is made possible by HEEF, The Hopi Education Endowment Fund in participation with Hopi Head Start’s Rayma Duyongwa, the Shooting Stars Hopi Lavayi Project Team: Mesa Media, Inc.'s Anita Poleahla and Susie Poleahla with additional support from Marvin Lalo. Audio Engineer: Richard Alun Davis. Producer: Cara Dukepoo.

Shooting Stars is a production of KUYI Hopi Radio, a project of the Hopi Foundation.