Community Calendar Monday, December 16, 2019

Updated 12/13/2019 @ 4pm

Now that we are in the winter months please stay in touch or register with your local schools’ or employers' websites, phone & text trees to find out about delays & cancellations.

Keep your eye on KUYI’s Facebook & Twitter pages for updates.

If you are a school or government entity you may submit email your updates to info at kuyi dot net

As KUYI seeks a land assignment, we’re located at the junction of highway 264 & state route 87 in Second Mesa; keep KUYI on-air by donating online at kuyi dot net!

Submit Community Calendar announcements for consideration at least two weeks before your event & allow two to three business days for it to be added.

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We’ll record your information as a full paragraph / thirty second announcement.

Email “info at kuyi dot net” or call 738 - 5505!


KUYI announces events up to one month in advance.

You may report emergencies to Hopi Tribe’s Law Enforcement Services by calling: 734 - 7340

Here’s Hopi Senom Transit winter weather procedure:

Expect a 30 to 60 minute delay during poor road conditions; delays more than an hour will result in cancellation;

Routes will be cancelled if the Hopi Tribe is closed or if there’s a negative safety assessment of roads;

To find out if routes are running, you may call 734 - 3232 or (928) 401 - 5514.

You can check road conditions & weather online at az 511 dot com & weather dot gov

A Holiday Arts & Crafts event will be DEC 15 @ 10 am at the FMCV Community Building: 401-8229

A breastfeeding class is DEC 16 at 9am at Hopi Health Care Center: 737 - 6362

A job recruitment event will be DEC 17 at 9 am at the HVMC. 734-3662

All ages immunization & flu clinics are DEC 17 @ 10 am in the HHCC Lobby: 737 - 6257

Hopi Tribal Council’s December agenda includes:

DEC 17: HTHA commissioner removal;

DEC 23: U.S. Census;

This is a partial listing; for full details & times you may call 734 - 3135

First aid training is DEC 18 at Winslow Indian Health Care Center @ 8:30am: 289 - 9072

Hopi Medical Transportation is off the road DEC 19, 24 & 25: 737 - 6351

Village of Tewa Administration will be closed on the following: DEC 19, 20, 21, and 23: 737-2254

An exercise program is DEC 20 at 9am @ Hopi Health Care Center: 737 - 6362

Hotevilla’s holiday event is DEC 21 @ 10 am at the youth & elderly center: 734 - 0040

Kykotsmovi holiday event is DEC 22 @ 9 am: 613 -4121

Dilkon wellness center’s holiday event is DEC 23 @ 1 pm: 657 - 8119

A country-western event is DEC 31 @ 8pm at the Peace Academic Center in Kykotsmovi: 737 - 0174