KUYI Staff

KUYI will be hiring for open Development & Marketing Coordinator and Operations Assistant positions soon.

Watch here for official announcements & application details...

Richard A. Davis, Station Manager

Richard A. Davis has a strong background in radio broadcast and community engagement. His experience includes serving as Station Manager of KUYI Hopi Radio and training local community members to assume the operation of the station. Davis is an on-air host for KNAU public radio, Arizona, and also has expertise in recording the music of local artists and concert productions.

Thomas Humeyestewa, Production Assistant

Thomas, Hopi, is a member of the Water Clan from the Village of Songoopavi. Thomas likes to lives life to the fullest and enjoys planting, running, playing basketball, singing and most of all, being a father. Known to all as “Lana”, he graduated from Flagstaff High School and attended Coconino Community College for General Studies in various trades from Electronics to Carpentry to Drafting. Having the passion for music and singing since he was young, Thomas has grown in the production work he does for KUYI. He appreciates the radio station for allowing him to apply his skills and to gain more knowledge in what he loves to do while helping the local community in preserving the culture and language.

Michelle Lomauhie, Receptionist

Michelle, Hopi, is a member of the Butterfly Clan from the Village of Mishongnovi. She is very excited to be a part of The Hopi Foundation, KUYI Hopi Radio Station team. Michelle is a proud mother of three children: Antonio Jr., Yasmin, and Corina, nine grandchildren, and one great-grandchild.