Advisory Board

The Hopi Foundation Board of Trustees established the Community Advisory Board to help KUYI with fundraising, community outreach and program and policy development. Members of the Community Advisory Board are appointed to reflect the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by the station, and include representatives from elders, youth, education, health, emergency/safety, business, non-Tribal, Tribal, and Hopi communities.

Community Advisory Board Members

Darlene Nuvamsa

Village of Shungopavi

George Mase

Village of Sipaulovi

Randall Mahle

Village of Tewa

Aldric George

Village of Hotevilla

Manuelita Coochwikviya

Village of Mishongnovi

Ann Doyle

Flagstaff, Arizona

Merwin Kooyahoema

Village of Mishongnovi

Frances Duggan

Polacca, Arizona

Bonnie Secakuku

Village of Sipaulovi

For information about joining the Community Advisory Board, contact us at 928.738.5505 or email us at