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Community Updates

Hopi Foundation - Community Listening Sessions Summary Report

Upon the demobilization of the Hopi Emergency Relief Fund Site, The Hopi Foundation, with the help of NRGI-1 Consulting, proceeded to conduct a Community Listener Survey & Community Listening Sessions in regards to the COVID-19 Pandemic on Hopi. The purpose of the survey was to gather community feedback about the emergency services various programs provided during the stay-at-home orders. The survey also sought to capture the impacts the COVID-19 pandemic had on individuals and their families. 


As you will see in the final Community Listening Sessions Summary Report, there is valuable information we could use as programs in the services and activities we provide. It is our hope, in providing this report, other programs and non-profits consider applying community feedback to the work they do. 

We wish to thank our community who participated in the survey and in the three (3) listening sessions on KUYI 88.1fm Hopi Radio and Zoom. 


KUYI is in receipt of Press Release regarding a woman from the Indian Wells community which is near the Hopi Reservation. 

For more information on this case, please visit justice.gov/AZ 

Hopi Tribe - Phase Three

Missing Persons

Please call Hopi Law Enforcement Services with any information at 928-734-7340

Honwungsi Consulting Services, LLC is one resource for Missing Person & Tracking Recovery. More information HERE