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Shooting Stars Hopi Lavayi Radio Project

Recognizing the immediate need for Hopi language revitalization KUYI Hopi Radio's Shooting Stars Radio program has partnered with the Hopi Head Start Program and Mesa Media Inc., to develop an educational program of benefit to enrolled Hopi students of all ages, the Shooting Stars Hopi Lavayi Radio Project (SSHLP).

This weekly language program with corresponding educational materials is designed specifically for Hopi youth and will be of benefit to all KUYI listeners.  The Shooting Stars Hopi Lavayi Radio Project is being piloted in the First Mesa Dialect with Polacca Head Start Center.  SSHLP bolsters partner organizations’ efforts to keep the Hopi language alive and thriving. 

Broadcasting over KUYI’s 69,000-watt FM signal, SSHLP will serve a population of 12,000 Hopi across 12 villages on the Hopi Reservation located in Northern Arizona,  as well as numerous Hopi across the world.
  KUYI’s online stream will ensure appropriate education of listeners around the world on the significance of Native languages.