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KUYI Staff

Thomas Humeyestewa, Production Assistant

Thomas, Hopi, is a member of the Water Clan from the Village of Songoopavi. Thomas likes to lives life to the fullest and enjoys planting, running, playing basketball, singing and most of all, being a father. Known to all as “Lana”, he graduated from Flagstaff High School and attended Coconino Community College for General Studies in various trades from Electronics to Carpentry to Drafting.

Having the passion for music and singing since he was young, Thomas has grown in the production work he does for KUYI. He appreciates the radio station for allowing him to apply his skills and to gain more knowledge in what he loves to do while helping the local community in preserving the culture and language.

Anthoney Dukepoo, Operations Assistant       

   Anthoney is from First Mesa. His background consists of a wide variety of skills that range from being a father to farming/gardening to building maintenance to electronics. He has a passion for production and technical skills and has experienced making skateboarding videos to editing those videos.

He would like to learn more about audio production for those videos. He uses his interest and problem-solving skills to assist the KUYI radio station in helping to update and maintain the equipment at the station and the radio tower. He enjoys the challenge in learning about new technology and feels what connects him most to the station is that it is a true community station that benefits everyone on Hopi as well as the surrounding Dine community and villages.                                                                           

Bonnie Secakuku, General Manager

Bonnie Secakuku is Hopi from Sipaulovi, one of the villages in Second Mesa.  She is Butterfly clan. 

(picture coming soon)